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Plecter Pixel Blade

The Vader's Vault Plecter Pixel Blade. 1 inch diameter, illuminated parabolic tip, available in different lengths, compatible with the Plecter Pixel connector used by many of the Plecter affiliates and also sold at TCSS. This blade is compatible with any...
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Enhanced Day Blade

from $0.00
While our never ending experimentation to get other Photon blade colors has had some set backs, it has also given us other cool products to offer you. What makes these 'Enhanced Day Blades' different than our normal Day Blades? Well, while they don't...
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Photon Blade™

from $45.00
What is the Photon Blade™? Several months ago a gentleman on the forums came out of nowhere to showcase his experiments with photo-reactive material, in his case, acrylic blades, and how they amplify and alter wavelengths. Basically, it works like...
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1" Dual Diffused Colored Day Blade

from $39.00
Finally. After much testing and trials we are able to bring you, the steadfast and enduring troopers and Con goers, a colored Day Blade for trooping when you can't or don't want to have your saber turned on because you can't compete with the sun, or the...
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HEAVY GRADE 1" Dueling Blade

from $35.00
Normally, we don't advocate for heavy grade blades. They throw off balance for the lighter sabers, aren't quite as bright as thinwall blades and they hurt. Bad. We've always felt that thinwall blades hurt good enough. However, the demand for heavy grade...
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7/8" Diameter Blade

from $30.00
All of the same techniques we use in the industry standard 1" blade now come in the 7/8" diamter size for those smaller sized sabers. 7/8" blades are a great alternative to the 'whipy' 3/4" diameter blades that have been used in compact sabers in the...
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Vader's Vault Dual Diffused Blade 1" Dia.

from $30.00
The Vader's Vault Dual Diffused Blade has been an industry benchmark for custom saber blades since 2008. We have perfected our techniques for producing the most evenly lit, and full looking blades at the same time as eliminating the "light in a tube"...
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Crossguard Side Blades 1" (pair)

from $15.00
Those of you with crossguard sabers can now get your fix for 1" side blades in different configurations, and even Day Blade, and Photon material. These are for sabers that take a 1" size side blades. Coming as a pair, they are available in different...
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Blade Dust Caps

Nothing is more infuriating than putting a blade in a saber, lighting it up only to discover there is a spec of dust the size of an asteroid inside your blade. Don't let yourself be a victim of this problem by travelling and storing your blades without...
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