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Wrath Coupler

Finally! For making the most badass staff on the planet, you can now join 2 of our Wrath™ sabers together for a serious fist full of hell yes! If you're ordering with the Wrath™ saber, you can choose to also get it 'clocked' so that the...
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Photon Blade™

$45.00 - $46.50
What is the Photon Blade™? Several months ago a gentleman on the forums came out of nowhere to showcase his experiments with photo-reactive material, in his case, acrylic blades, and how they amplify and alter wavelengths. Basically, it works like...
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Saber Holster

Don't have a covertec wheel or D-Ring on your saber/s but still want to carry them on your belt? Now you can with this top quality leather belt mount holster for your extra or primary hilt. Available in Black, Chocolate, and  Distressed brown...
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1" Dual Diffused Colored Day Blade

$39.00 - $41.00
Finally. After much testing and trials we are able to bring you, the steadfast and enduring troopers and Con goers, a colored Day Blade for trooping when you can't or don't want to have your saber turned on because you can't compete with the sun, or the...
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Leather Saber Bag

An elegant, supple leather back for storing, transporting, or gifting a VV saber. Made of super soft black leather with the VV logo embroidered on the bottom in color. Makes a perfect gift for your saber enthusiast or for storing your collection of VV...
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3 Inch Coupler

You've asked for it, we delivered! A new, longer model coupler for adding that little bit of extra length to our Combat Class staff set ups. This new coupler has a solid core middle for better balance and weight, and sound separation...
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