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The Wrath: Our most ambitious Combat Class saber to date. Forgoing smooth lines and contours, and pouring gallons of malice and anger into 11.875" of unadulterated violence. This saber is not for the weak of heart, will, and conviction. It is deadly, it is badass, and it will expect that of it's wielder.


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18th Jan 2018

Blown Away

Wrath with relic weathering: STUNNING! The rust looks so real, yet doesn't snag onto your clothing/gloves! They even made the leather wrap look aged! Thought I had a faulty speaker at first, just had to dust-off some fine metal shavings. Speaker is SUPER LOUD and the sound fonts are just as cool. Pommel's spikes are super sharp, wear gloves! Chassis sits inside very snug, the pommel surrounding it scraps the chassis, so I'm a bit worried about that. Overall: above and beyond my expectations!!!

Jody Johnson 5th Jul 2017

Excellent Craftsmanship a Saber to Rule them All !!

Very nice work and detail on my Wrath Hilt with the heavy weathered look which mirrored Saurons Wrath Exactly what I wanted ! As well as custom Lord of The Rings sound fonts pre installed. RGB Suncrusher with Amber precious Gold AV Switch. Thank You

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