VV Microfiber Polishing Cloth

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So you've had your eye on a super shiny, mirror polished Elite finish saber for some time, and seeing your reflection in it's surface tinted with the glow of a Suncrusher is all you've thought about during the build time. It's everything you've dreamed of, your friends can't keep their hands off it, and when it's time to give it the first charge and put it down to rest you notice them, and a cold shiver goes up your spine. You know they're not permanent, but it still bugs you and your eye gets that little "Order 66" twitch going in the corner as you think about your friends' grubby paws messing up your baby with those eternally annoying FINGERPRINTS!!!!!

Well, don't slay everyone in the temple yet sandman, we have a solution: The VV Microfiber Polish Cloth

Made from a super silky Microfiber and designed for glasses and tablet/phone surfaces, this cloth is the perfect thing to use to wipe down your polished hilt after use. Distinctive in red so it is easily seen and with the VV logo printed in the corner, it is perfect for carrying with you everywhere you take your saber.


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