VV Guitar Pick / Battery Removal Tool

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We have talked about this before, sort of jokingly, but I took it seriously and here we are. Some people know this; I'm a guitarist. As such, I try and inject one passion of mine into another whenever possible. This time, it's for a VERY practical reason. It is! Don't look at me like that! We know that the battery holder in the Combat Class sabers has a very tight fit (this is a good thing though, trust me), and that some people have trouble getting the battery out without having to resort to the Jaws of Life or some other blunt instrument of terror. So, we bring you a versatile, easy to use tool for this purpose that can be easily stowed in your pocket or belt pouch. Yes, it's a guitar pick, but it's a VV Guitar Pick and that makes it sooo much cooler.

They will ship with every saber sold, and will also be available for sale here in the store.


*Please only order with other items, otherwise these will be expensive to ship by themselves.


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