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At long last, Vader's Vault has a 'Vader' saber to add to the stable. As a "Limited Edition" saber, it joins the Flex, and the Hero for our limited run replica offerings. Like all of our sabers these come standard with the best sound and lighting effects in the industry provided by Plecter Labs. Our Suncrusher option is standard and all the awesomeness is held in a rigid, fixed Delrin chassis similar to our Hero. A 28mm High Bass speaker lets out the audio nirvana of 16 bit sound from the Crystal Shard. These sabers will be available in two configurations: ANH and ESB and will come with everything you need to slay rebel scum: Blade, 1 amp auto voltage sensing smart charger, and kill key are all included. Again, these will be limited batches and are first come first serve.


*Note on the finish of these sabers. While we do try to insure the best finish on these that we can, keep in mind this was a multi-vendor collaborative purchase and, as such, the finish is beyond our control.  If you order a "clean" (non-weathered) version, there 'could' still be nicks, scuffs, scratches, imperfections and/or inconsistencies in the plating or cast surfaces.  This can be considered a feature as it truly mimics the charm of that vintage feel.


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Larru Warnet 26th Mar 2018

Make any Sith proud

This hilt blew me up way!! I had a minor issue with the aux switch, but a quick email to Deanna and problem solved. No worries. My favorite VV hilt to date. Thanks VV!

Ronald 15th Nov 2017

VV goes the extra mile.

Once again Vader's Vault proves that they're on another level. Just like their other sabers, the VDR is simply incredible. VV's engineering and attention detail never ceases to impress me. Everything from the saber's finish, the sound, balance, weight, and screen accuracy are carefully considered and superbly executed. I especially appreciate VV's commitment to modifying the promoted ESB version of the saber. When I ordered there were a couple of inaccuracies compared to the film prop. However, I ordered anyway because I knew I would be receiving a saber of the highest quality. I figured I could attempt to make it more film accurate on my own anyway. Lo and behold VV later reveals they have made some modifications. To my delight they were the minor inaccuracies I mentioned. Now I get the perfect VV VDR saber right out of the box. Extremely happy with this saber.

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