Vader's Vault Dual Diffused Blade 1" Dia.

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The Vader's Vault Dual Diffused Blade has been an industry benchmark for custom saber blades since 2008. We have perfected our techniques for producing the most evenly lit, and full looking blades at the same time as eliminating the "light in a tube" effect. Because we know that there isn't a "one size fits all" for blades, there are several options available in the most popular blade lengths. Get one for every saber you have!



*NOTE: We do NOT glue our blade diffusion film to the blade. Please be careful when removing the dust cap, and when removing the blade from your saber not to allow the film to fall out. When we first entered this industry, we had noticed several of our competitors glued the film into their blades and had creasing/krinkling of the film right at the point where the blade flexes the most. Saber blades flex, even when just swinging or spinning around. If you keep the film stationary and the blade flexes, the film will crease. Not gluing the film in allows the film to spiral in on itself and flex with the blade. When we developed our blades, we chose not to glue our film in and it turned out that the film will last much longer without creasing. After many hundreds of blades, we can say that this method allows for a long lasting, even blade. We have blades in the house that have seen years of use with no creasing. The only thing is, you have to take care when removing the blade not to let the film drop out and use your included dust cap to keep dust out, and the film in.



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Mike 13th Aug 2018

Even illumination.

I thought I had ordered a clear but it appears to be a more frosted looking blade which really works out because it makes my whites that have too much pink or blue look a lot more full and appear to be a full white. It's such a beautiful look.

Andrew 29th May 2018

30' dual diffused blade

The heavy sanding makes the blade feel a little rough and it has some visible lines, but it certainly does help even out the glow - all the way up the blade. It feels very sturdy and I am definitely enjoying having it on my saber.

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