Vader's Vault Acrylic Display stand (Single)

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This acrylic display stand is the perfect way to elegantly display your Vader's Vault saber. Designed to fit the majority of custom sabers, this a 4 piece design with tons of detail and the Vader's Vault logo cut out on the black base. Each side piece is engraved witht he 'Cog' motif and the plaque proudly states where you get your awesome sabers from!


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Jess 7th Apr 2017

Very nice stand!

Awesome stand! Very pretty. I was very impressed its quality. Be careful putting it together though.

Damian Opach 29th Dec 2016

Awesome for display my VV Acolyte

What can i say i like it :) VV did a good job on this as well. Keep up the good work

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