Vader's Vault Acrylic Display Stand (Dual)

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You bought two sabers to dual wield, or use in staff configuration. They were meant to be together, but you don't want to display them seperately. Now you don't have to! Our popular acrylic display stand, now in a 2 tier configuration for displaying your awesome Vader's Vault sabers. This stand was made to fit either the Combat Class or Champion Class sabers or fit the majority of custom sabers, this a 4 piece design with tons of detail and the Vader's Vault logo cut out on the black base. Each side piece is engraved with the 'Cog' motif and the plaque proudly states where you get your awesome sabers from!


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Rogeno 23rd Feb 2017


The laser-cut dual stand will proudly display my Vader's Vault exclusive lightsabers only for many years to come. It makes a great conversation piece and is worth every penny. When it comes to buying lightsabers through Vader's Vault, be sure to include this beautiful piece of craftmanship in your basket to display your pieces...

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