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We get numerous requests for adding things to Combat Class sabers that either were forgotten, or were the result of a changed mind. If you forgot weathering, or you forgot to add a D-Ring/Covertec, or want to change from mirrored tip to a shine through. This is where you'll do it. You'll need to pick what option/s that you forgot, then put your saber's order number in the place where asked. This keeps the accounting simple for us, and adding things a little simpler for you.


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26th Dec 2017

An awesome little upgrade

I upgraded my order to include the new RGB AV switch. It's super cool to have it change colors with the blade, as well as flash with the flash-on-clash. The only thing is I'm not to fond of how it cycles through the colors in standby. But there may be a way to change that.

Ryan McNeese 12th Jan 2017

Adding a wrap and powder coating

VV is awesome enough that if you decide you want a little something extra in your saber after you order it they will do it for you and trust me, you will not be disappointed. 10 stars!!!!!

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Additional Info

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Leather Wrap Info::
Leather Wrap ONLY applies to sabers where the leather can be applied topically: REV-N, Acolyte. All other sabers require machining and you would need to message us for pricing.