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Behold the Tempest! Prepare to unleash a storm upon your foes with this sleek, elegant and super contoured dueler. A complex design consisting of convex and concave lines as well as a deeply scalloped and vented emitter and bullet pommel. This saber seems to conform to your hand upon holding it and takes the comfort level of our Combat Class and bumps it up to eleven. This saber flows through your hands like liquid awesome as you go through your move set. With no hard edges to catch on your fingers and hands, you won't want to put it down. All the best designs in life are based on curves, from sports cars, to aircraft, and this hilt brings that convention to the saber world.


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KAN 23rd May 2018

Plecterpixel Tempest with accent LED

I received a Tempest. Great! Plecterpixel blade is a very good item. Sensitivity adjustment is also optimal. I like it very much. Only one point, the accent LED is pretty dazzling. You had better lower the illuminance.

Jess 7th Apr 2017

I freaking love it!

This is my first saber and I'm seriously impressed with it! I liked the look of the Tempest online, but I wasn't prepared to love it more in person. Very light saber and beautifully designed. It's nice and loud and the weathering I got on it looks great. Can't wait to try it with stunts and combat! Overall, wonderful saber! Definitely elegant and dignified, if that's what you're looking for. Totally would buy from Vader's Vault again. They did an excellent job with this one.

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