Tempest Elite™

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The sleek and sexy Tempest™ gets the Elite treatment popular on our Fury Elite™ model. Each Tempest Elite™ starts out as a standard Tempest™, but is painstakingly polished to a mirror finish. Then, a perfect coat of beautiful Translucent  powdercoating is applied to just the right places on the body and pommel vents and suddenly the Tempest™ is a full raging storm. Available in a variety of striking colors. Add this elegantly contoured weapon to your collection today!


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9th Aug 2016


This saber is a beauty. I waited nearly 32 weeks for this to arrive in the mail, but as a wise green jedi once said "Patience you must have" I could not be happier with this saber . The weight is light this also works real well with my small hands, great for one handed use or dual Will buy another one in the future from Vader Vault

Simone Di Tomaso 29th Jul 2016

First Class Saber!

I see there are not many reviews on Tempest Elite so here's mine even if i got it second hand! It is truly awesome! I've owned Havoc and Rev-N but i like this design more. It's elegant and shiny polished. Mine has Black Accents and i find it really fitting and awesome considering the black painted handle. It's overall light and perfectly balanced. It's beautiful either with or withour blade. RGB is the most fun and crative part of it so i strongly suggest it. Don't forget it needs a 3/4" blade plug not the standard 1" one.

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