Tempest Elite™

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The sleek and sexy Tempest™ gets the Elite treatment popular on our Fury Elite™ model. Each Tempest Elite™ starts out as a standard Tempest™, but is painstakingly polished to a mirror finish. Then, a perfect coat of beautiful Translucent  powdercoating is applied to just the right places on the body and pommel vents and suddenly the Tempest™ is a full raging storm. Available in a variety of striking colors. Add this elegantly contoured weapon to your collection today!


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6th Mar 2018

Won me over

So i got my first tempest years ago at TSL I. I bought it mostly to support VV as they made the trip out to be a sponsor of the event. After dueling with it for a few matches i began to really appreciate the design. The balance and ergonomics of the hilt are incredibly responsive and comfortable to duel with. years later it is time to upgrade to get a set for Dual wielding (and to make a staff of course). These are my go to one hand sabers and the work VV does s amazing could not be happier!

Peter Morgan 20th Feb 2018

The Tempest

The Tempest is a lovely elegant saber just right for one handed use but is big enough for two hands if that's your thing, the finish I asked for is with out a doubt fantasist the copper at each end with the gold activation switch, the colours in the blade are great so bright and the sound is also so loud, this is my first saber I done a lot of research into the difference makers and VV came out on top I'm glad I went with them it was a long wait 5 months but for the work that go's into them it's not surprising, Thank you all at Vader's Vault ..

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