Tempest "Blackout"™

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A furious storm often leaves a "Blackout" in its wake and no Vader's Vault Combat Class saber would be complete without it's darker half. The "Yin" to every Yang in our line up. Since black makes everything sexier, the Tempest is no exception and the pattern we've chosen for the "Blackout" model accentuates every curve and the pommel vents being colored gives the right level of contrast to the rest of the hilt.


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Michael Johnston 28th Mar 2017

Feels Better Than I'd Imagined

From the moment I saw this saber, I knew I had to have it. I've had it for a few weeks now, and I have to say, it's absolutely a 100% improvement over any other saber I've ever held. Spinning this beauty is much easier and more fluid than I'd expected. I don't have particularly small hands, but the Tempest fits into my hand like it was made specifically for me. The sound quality is great, and the Tempest sound font, exclusive to the Tempest line, is a great sound font. I got the RGB option, and I've found that editing the color options is really simple. All in all, I'm glad I bought this saber, and look forward to my next purchase.

Joshua Layer 26th Sep 2016

Come to the dark side....

This saber is without a doubt amazing! I bought it fully loaded at 500 and it was well worth the money and wait. Mine was setup with the suncrusher card so I can change my colors on the fly. It was also preloaded with 3 different sound fonts. The slim body design fit my hand very well and I wear large gloves for those that are curious about the size. I am very pleased with my purchase and is excellent with the sith soundfont. If you are a collector this is a must have. If its your first purchase then join me as I did the same.

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