Shadow Fury™

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A specter of the Fury™ wrapped in a cloak of badness. Just like it's brother the Havoc™, the Fury™ looks equally awesome in black, with bare metal exposed at the middle, emitter and pommel giving just enough contrast to break up the silhouette. *NOW AVAILABLE* Accent colors can now be added to the middle ringed area, emitter and pommel. See the gallery for examples of these accents added to the Shadow Fury™


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Michael 8th Nov 2017

This is my child

I ordered my dark fury with card black, gold accents and rgb. During the 9 month wait for my child they upgraded from CS3 to CS4 with no additional charge to my order. I am so thrilled with my saber. It came out absolutely flawless and beyond expectation!

Valentin 15th Jul 2017

Awesomeness to get into your hands!

First I ordered one single hilt, I was amazed. So, i ordered the same (Shadow fury with gold accents) again, but that time, I added a coupler to my order. And the time of anxious wondering if both halves would align when put together to make a staff began. And they did! Even though at order it was said "We have no way of making sure that your hilts will align the way you want unless we're building them at the same time." Overall my sabers (or staff when coupled) are the most beauuutiful ones I have ever seen from my own eyes : thin, sturdy, beautiful, finely machined, evenly powder-coated, the color accents are great, the light and sound are bright, loud and plain. Put short, quality comes with time and every second of waiting time was worth it! :)

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