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Don't have a covertec wheel or D-Ring on your saber/s but still want to carry them on your belt? Now you can with this top quality leather belt mount holster for your extra or primary hilt. Available in Black, Chocolate, and  Distressed brown leather finish. *grain texture and shade may vary from pictured*




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kris 2nd Nov 2017

quality holster for any jedi/sith uniform

This is really great quality leather constructed well simple yet elegant perfectly fits any headcannon. I picked up the distressed brown feels great and looks awsome for that wandering Jedi vibe Word of caution if your saber has a large head by the emitter say like my vv hero your saber will not slide out as easily as it slides in. This is less due to quality and more just because of the design and way it attaches to a belt which can't be helped much. Should fit most hilts easily the hero just has a large round emmiter and is extracted by bending the sheath while pulling it out past the bump inside at an angle . Honestly though this is a plush for me It's basically a free anti theft device because without the trick and twist anyone walking buy who grabs at your hero won't be able to just slip it out and run off with it .....and boy who could blame them isn't it perfect?

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