Rival™ Standard

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Taking cues from the popular "Maul" saber, and adding our own VV flare to the design, we came up with a sleek and comfortable homage to the vengeful assassin. With features like dedicated machined LED bezels (accent LEDs optional), machined emitter fins for durability and a removable emitter crown that is swappable with our Oda Tsuba in the accessories section. This hilt is packed with detail and looks very much the part as a staff configuration. Comes with the awesome Rival™ soundfont by Saber Baron, exclusive to the Rival model Combat Class saber.


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Petra 22nd Jul 2018

Rival Standard

I always wanted to have a staff :) So, I ordered two with custom 3inch coupler to make my dream come true <3 Each of them is RGB with accent LEDs and blade matching Activation Switch Colour. And I must say that I am truly impressed by quality, details and everything about the saber :):) :) I am deeply in love with it and it is my another favourite design together with REV-N. It is simply amazing !!! :) Thank you everyone in VV for bringing this beauty to us :) :) :)

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