REV-N™ Elite

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Reaching back into a distant time, a hero became a villain, then redeemed again. His raw power and command has yet to be matched and his signature dual weapons with crimson red, and rich purple blades struck fear and awe into friend and foe alike. You know his masked face, you know his name, and you want his power. least you can have his sabers. This is the Vader's Vault REV-N. Sharing the same features made popular by our other Combat Class sabers like the super slim form factor, top notch industry leading lighting tech and the famous Plecter Labs providing sound and control, the REV-N is the best choice for this popular design. Available in a variety of accent colors, and weathering.




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Medalion 9th Jun 2018

Rev-N ... ELITE indeed!

I'll be honest, though I love Star Wars, I never played the Old Republic games but I kept hearing about these characters like Revan and Nihilus and what not, and I read up on them and saw their designs and sabers and was enamored by them. One thing about this saber I'll say is that is a fairly minimalistic design, very streamlined, simple yet elegant. It can work as a Jedi or Sith saber... it doesn't really show one allegiance or the other imo. I bought this in a Plecter Pixel configuration and am very happy with how it turns out as it is actually my first experience with a color changing saber... and plus all the other great features this Crystal Shard 4.5 can do. This is overall my 2nd saber purchase from VV, and I hope to continue my shopping here once in awhile.

Walter Garcia-Alonso 7th Jun 2018

Rev n elite

Oh my god. This thing is awesome beyond my wildest dreams. The craftsman ship and responsiveness are impeccable. I had a kyberlight for a first saber and this thing makes it look like a mag light. The colors and effects are better than id hoped and the blade is brightly lit and even right to the tip. Well done Vv! You guys have the best rep in the business for a reason

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