REV-N™ Elite

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Reaching back into a distant time, a hero became a villain, then redeemed again. His raw power and command has yet to be matched and his signature dual weapons with crimson red, and rich purple blades struck fear and awe into friend and foe alike. You know his masked face, you know his name, and you want his power. least you can have his sabers. This is the Vader's Vault REV-N. Sharing the same features made popular by our other Combat Class sabers like the super slim form factor, top notch industry leading lighting tech and the famous Plecter Labs providing sound and control, the REV-N is the best choice for this popular design. Available in a variety of accent colors, and weathering.




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ross 9th May 2018

Worth it

I ordered mt Rev-n Elite with gold accents, gold activation switch, black leather wrapping and it looks great. its lighter, brighter and louder than i thought it would be and the overall finish is perfect. already have friends asking where i got it from and saying they will have to get one themselves

Johan Larsson 17th Mar 2018

First rate

Ordered my REV-N Elite with gold accents, RGB, distressed brown leather wrapping and medium weathering. The finished product is off the charts. It's truly the Christmas gift I would have wanted as a star(wars)struck kid, but I have to say I probably enjoy it as much now at age 46 as I would have as a wee youngling. A beautiful piece of work, and I couldn't be happier. Hats off to Vader´s Vault!

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