REV-N™ Elite

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Reaching back into a distant time, a hero became a villain, then redeemed again. His raw power and command has yet to be matched and his signature dual weapons with crimson red, and rich purple blades struck fear and awe into friend and foe alike. You know his masked face, you know his name, and you want his power. least you can have his sabers. This is the Vader's Vault REV-N. Sharing the same features made popular by our other Combat Class sabers like the super slim form factor, top notch industry leading lighting tech and the famous Plecter Labs providing sound and control, the REV-N is the best choice for this popular design. Available in a variety of accent colors, and weathering.




Reviews (57) 14th Aug 2017

Rev-N Elite

My first VV saber and it's beautiful. Very simple yet sleek design, Revan would be proud. Thanks for a awesome saber guys!

9th Aug 2017

do not doubt Vaders Vault Products

Quality is superb. Had mine customized with brass switch, brass emitter section, black leather wrap, copper covertech, and polished up. Everything arrived perfect. Leather is great quality. Suncrusher purple is very bright comparatively to other companies. Probably the loudest saber I own even with the smaller speaker than other companies. Extremely comfortable to hold. It is a smaller hilt than expected but that's not a bad thing. Only drawback- a heavy grade blade would leave it feeling unbalanced, but it's so nice you wouldn't duel with it.

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