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REV-N™ Elite

3.90 LBS
5 Stars
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Product Description

Reaching back into a distant time, a hero became a villain, then redeemed again. His raw power and command has yet to be matched and his signature dual weapons with crimson red, and rich purple blades struck fear and awe into friend and foe alike. You know his masked face, you know his name, and you want his power. Well.....at least you can have his sabers. This is the Vader's Vault REV-N. Sharing the same features made popular by our other Combat Class sabers like the super slim form factor, top notch industry leading lighting tech and the famous Plecter Labs providing sound and control, the REV-N is the best choice for this popular design. Available in a variety of accent colors, and weathering.



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  1. my first step into a larger world 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Apr 2017

    This is an amazing purchase! This is my first custom saber experience and I love it! I'm still working on figuring out how it works, like lowering the volume. But other than that it's wonderful! I'm really happy I got this now I just need a blade plug and experiment with day blades. Thank you so much vaders vault!!

  2. customized to my dream saber 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Apr 2017

    I commissioned VV, for a custom saber. After a long wait, I decided to change my order to a REV-N ELITE, with a different pommel (I changed the standard REV-N pommel with the one from the FURY model) and the result is awesome. VV costructed a unique, very well ballanced and extra cool saber, which is very close to my original design. Overall I'm thilled with my saber. Many thanks to the VV TEAM. Excellent work !!!!!

  3. Greatest Saber I Have 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Apr 2017

    Ordered my saber on December 24th and got it on March 31st. First thing I love it, I cannot put it down, it's amazing. The craftsmanship is amazing, the sound is amazing, and the design is amazing. I ordered mine with the Havoc pommel and black wrap on and it looks amazing. If you're thinking about getting this saber or any other sabers from Vader's Vault, do it. You won't regret it. The wait time wasn't long at all, it actually came earlier than thought. Again I love it. Thanks Vader's Vault. I'm going to Vader's Vault for all my saber needs.

  4. Amazing to wield and a blast to use 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Feb 2017

    I got two of these one red and one purple. I just got the purple and still waiting on the red, and I must say, totally worth the wait. This saber outshines competition and it is great fun.
    The fact thee is its own soundfont, that made it even better for me. can't believe that a saber based on my favorite character can be so amazing in all aspects.

  5. An elegant weapon; beautiful, vicious, and flawless. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Dec 2016

    I ordered the Rev-N Elite in RGB, with chocolate brown leather wrap and gold accents and button, back in May 2016. It arrived in December.

    A week short of seven month's wait. I have to say, the time flew by, it feels like I ordered it yesterday tbh. I know to many it will be a long wait. It is worth every second.

    Unwrapping it from the packing made me catch my breath. I was instantly struck by how beautiful it was, and the shine of the light on the surface (even in standard finish it is gorgeous). The next thing that hit me was how light it was, how comfortably it fitted in my hand. It felt like it was barely there at all! I've had some nice sabers before, but this was lighter than my uninstalled graflex or uninstalled KR Hero, even with the blade in. Once I put the blade in, it felt like an extension of me. No weight, perfect balance.

    My hands and wrists aren't strong, my previous duelling hilt had a tendency to get uncomfortable after a short while, and spins and slashes felt heavy and deliberate. I felt like I was overreaching a lot, and overcorrecting to try and keep it balanced. Not so with this saber. This feels fast, responsive, precise, and I can spin and swing without any strain or tiredness in my wrist at all. My old stunt feels ungainly and cumbersome by comparison.

    The colours are vibrant. I didn't love all of them, but it's easy to tweak the settings of the ones you don't like. For instance I found the yellow a little pale and the green a little less vibrant than I preferred, but after a few minor adjustments they became two of my favourites.

    Magenta is astounding. I cannot emphasise this enough. It is one of the brightest of the colours, and it feels special somehow; we're used to blues, greens and reds, but there's something striking about magenta. It also fits with the Rev-N theme too. If you can't choose between colours, go RGB. If you're looking for a colour that's a little more unique than the common reds, green and blues, the TORange, cyan and magenta are divine. Classic girl going with the pink saber :P

    The Rev-N font is amazing. It's a perfect fit for the hilt. It sounds very different to the other fonts, there's a sort of high-pitched hum that sounds like a howl. When I was young my bedroom window could never quite fully close, and during storms when the wind really got going it rushed through the tiny gap and made this high-pitched, hissing wailing sound. That hum in the sound font reminds me of the wind back then. This font sounds violent, aggressive, unstable, and frightening; it sounds like a weapon. All the fonts are excellent, but the Rev-N one feels special to me in a way the others don't.

    Sound is very loud, very clear, and very responsive.

    All in all, I am 100% happy with it. Customs taxes charged me £116 (UK buyer), no doubt Brexit helped raise that a bit. That's the Government's fault, not VV's, and my wallet wept. But it was totally worth it, hands down. To me, the saber is worth more than what I paid, to get something like this from another sabersmith would have cost much more than it did.

    It looks beautiful, graceful, and refined. It sounds vicious and deadly. It feels poised, precise, balanced; it feels like a weapon that was made to fit my hand. Ben Kenobi referred to a lightsaber as an "elegant weapon". I can't think of a better description.

    Stellar service and customer support from VV as expected, wonderful people with a true artistic gift for this craft.

    This saber is a work of art.

  6. Impressive, most Impressive 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Dec 2016

    Wow! This is insanely cool. I love this saber. Perfect dueler and great shelf queen. The employees and owners of this business, truly give a damn.... And it shows in their exceptional results. My RevN is my baby, Thank you VV

  7. An Elegant Weapon...for a More Civilized Age. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Dec 2016

    My Rev-N Elite was fairly customized, and to say it was worth every penny I paid and every second I waited would be an understatement. The craftsmanship and care put into this saber is almost palpable. As a consumer and fellow small business owner, Vader's Vault has rightfully earned my future business.

  8. Awesome!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Nov 2016

    i just got my Rev-N today and its incredible, much better that what i anticipated. I had to wait 7 months for it but its more than worth it. i love the sounds, the color and the quality of it all

  9. black chrome RevN 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Nov 2016

    I have ordered sabers from other saber companies before, but never have I received a saber quite like this. My black chrome and gold RevN elite is by far the best saber I own. The speaker is louder the blade is brighter and more evenly lit than the other guys. The customer service i received was excellent as well. I cannot wait to order from Vaders vault again.

  10. love this saber 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Nov 2016

    Ordered a custom version, it came out better than I expected. It's gorgeous. Love this saber. Swinging my Hasbro/Disney after getting this one just doesn't cut it anymore. Some of the design elements do protrude. If you want a pure functional spinner, other models may be better for you. But I didn't want a metal tube with light, I wanted a light saber! It fits me perfectly, I've found MY saber.

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