Ravager Elite™

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A new Limited Edition Combat Class saber: The Ravager™

Sleek, highly detailed, with a forward grip bar at the emitter for an extreme dueling hold. A scalloped contour rear grip fits the rear hand perfectly and is capped with a beautifully detailed pommel with lots of venting to let out the roar of the exclusive Ravager font by Saber Baron. The Elite Version features dual tone powdercoating with flat black conforming to the grip and details at the emitter and pommel. The emitter crown, rings, and pommel (as well as some of the emitter detail) come in your choice of accent color. Anything that isn't cloaked with our signature powdercoating is polished to a mirror shine.


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Michael Fischetti 2nd Jun 2018


This is one of the most comfortable sabers out there, the grips on the emitter area make it very comfortable to hold one handed or two handed, the ribbed grip area at the bottom also feels really good and looks great as well. As with all Vader's Vault sabers the sound is top notch and the custom Ravager sound font give me chills.

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