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Plecter Labs releases Petit Crouton Version 3!!!


The Holiday Season for Saber enthusiasts just keeps getting better. Today, Plecter Labs releases the Petit Crouton Version 3!

- [new] Same motion detection as CFv6.5 (and NB, and CS2), with increased dynamic (better fine tuning of motion parameters) and less noise
- [new] High-end 3D motion sensor
- [new] THREE (3) color channels and color mixing (CEx compliant) powered by FlexiBlend™ using the color satellite board or stand alone using a single cell.
- [new] THREE (3) sound fonts selectable via Font Xchange™
- [new] FOUR (4) accent LEDs (still 32 stages sequence with stop and loop instructions using either 0 or 65535 for the delay)
- [new] On-board Power Extenders (PEx)
- [new] Special Flash on Clash™ mixing engine that allows various LEDs and color schemes to be implemented. That includes the Legacy FoC the way we defined it in the CFv5.
- [new] Improved file fetching, up to 16 GB µSD card, drag and drop compliant (tested on PC at least)
- [new] Override file access thru R.I.C.E. and re-organization of common parameters for simplified configuration editing and authoring
- [new] Default package with Light Meat, Dark Meat and... GreyMeat, by Sekrogue !
- [new] CFv6.5 Dimensions 51.4x23.5x7.5 mm

What does this mean for you? All Champion Class sabers will now have the option to upgrade to color mixing on the Petit Crouton. The upgrade inludes the Color Extender board for precise color mixing and LED driving.

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