Oda Tsuba - For Legionnaire Sabers

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This slotted tsuba is made for the Legionnaire Combat Class saber only. It is threaded so it 'can' technically be used without the retaining nut (though not recommended you should still have those threads protected), and they can even be stacked! For those with a flare for the 'custom' side of things, we offer powder coating and weathering/polishing on these tsubas as well. Get yours today!


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Aaron Rieley 6th Mar 2018

Great addition

SO I ordered these as i love the look they give when i daily carry my sabers. I discovered however that adding one to the top of the tsuba and then sliding the retention screw on looks incredible! What a fun piece to customize the look of the saber. On another note adding 2 of them together to protect the threads when i fight one handed is great. i lowers the weight slightly and removes the protrusion of the tsuba so i do not have to worry as much about accidentally hitting someone with the tsuba itself. Definitely a must have if you own the threaded emitter saber line.

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