Mitsurugi 3K

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Our most detailed Combat Class saber to date. The Mitsurugi 3K is a beautifully crafted and superbly balanced saber inspired by real world sword hilts, with enough gripping surface for a true two handed hold, and light enough for single handed combat. The Tsuba, or handgaurd, is large enough to protect against errant strikes, but not too obtrusive to detract from the design or overly add to the weight. This hilt is pre-anodized with type 2 black anodizing for a durable, gorgeous wet black finished with contrasting areas being machined back to bare metals. The sound is vented through a unique pommel design with panoramic vent slots. Currently, this saber is a limited run, but based on response we may add it to the permanent line up.


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kaya Yavuz 9th May 2018

Awesome saber and thanks for CS 4.5 upgrade.

Well it would need a couple of books to write down all of things I want to say so I will cut it short. It Is Simply Amazing!!! Thanks for great workship and upgrade of firmware I would be really sad if this saber was shipped a couple of days before :D

geremy gulino 14th Mar 2018

M3K mind blown!!!

the mitsurugi 3 K is my 5th VV saber, and i am still blown away by it. every little thing on this is detailed, each black line in the silver or silver line in a black area are all raised and lowered areas. the shroud around the upper grip is unbelievable done. i love seeing the grip under it. the hole thing feels for good in the hand, and the real show stopper for me was the hidden retention screw, it can not be removed. the upper shroud covers it with only an opening for the allen wrench. the tiny tsuba is great it allows you to choke up on the grip with out worry your hand will be to close to the saber blade ;) if your even considering getting one, do it, you won't regret it!!!

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