Maelstrom Elite

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Powerful and intense. Two words that can barely contain the level of awesome this saber exudes. Every inch of it detailed and balanced, from the forked emitter that is slightly over bored at the end to allow the glow from the blade escape better. To the two coin edged, bridge pieces connecting the forks, the asymmetrical concave choke, the milled details around the main switch area, the super comfortable grip bar that spans over a luxurious piece of glove quality lambskin leather, all the way down to the tapered pommel with spiral cut sound vents resulting in our loudest Combat Class saber to date. The Elite version combines your choice of accent colors in the milled details, with the mirror polished finish of our Elite class of sabers. The Maelstrom can be all things to all wielders and is nearly unmatched in balance and comfort.


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Michael Fischetti 31st May 2018


This is the best saber I have ever owned, the quality and craftmanship is second to none, the sound quality combined with the pixel blade will leave you stunned, from a dueling and spinning stand point these are so comfortable to hold, whether you prefer to wield one handed, two handed or even two at the same time. I currently own two of this version, one with gold accents and the other with Black Chrome and Gold, with another on order for a staff. If you are on the fence about this saber, do yourself a favor and go for it, you will not regret it.

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