Legionnaire Elite Brushed

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We present to you, the Legionnaire! While all of our sabers in the Combat Class are made for dueling, we often get requests for longer hilts (like our Acolyte) for those who like a grip where the hands are spread further apart for leverage. In June of 2016, we had the privilege to attend the inaugural Saber Legion Tournament, a very successful first event where we got to witness first hand the kind of fighting that needed just such a weapon. We spent two days watching the bouts, examining the fighting styles, and the sabers used in various configurations and set ups. Taking that insight, as well as some great inspiration from existing weapons, we came up with the Legionnare: 14" of 2 handed violence. We added a removable tsuba (different styles will be available), two concave gripping profiles with one of them just under the tsuba and one at the rear grip. We added flattened side panels to the front half for both grip comfort and aesthetics, with diamond cut outs in the front panels. With a 3" blade socket, there is plenty of security for heavy blades, and the unique pommel design allows for both loud sound transference as well as a great grip for the pinky finger to slip over for that quick 'snap' strike. Whether you're aspiring to be the next TSL champion, or just want a larger hilt for dueling, the Legionnaire will be your go to weapon for sure. This version is the Elite brushed version which gives accent color choices similar to our other elite sabers, with black accents in the lower grip, and upper grip, while maintaining the satin machine finish.


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David Gullett 18th Jun 2018

Work of Art

I bought my Legionnaire with black chrome accents and RGB suncrusher. This is a long hilt but is balanced wonderfully. It’s light weight and handles like a dream. I love how it looks like a real sword hilt and I hope to get an Ito wrap for it soon. Also, the legionnaire sound font is one of my favorites. If you want an excellent two handed saber for dueling or just looking sexy sitting on a shelf, you can’t go wrong with a Legionnaire.

6th Mar 2018

Go to dueling saber

This saber is like the Sports Car of the dueling saber. The ergonomics are dead on, the balance is precise and the workmanship is out of this world. If you plan on fighting with your sabers, this is the one! By far the saber I use the most and have ordered 2 at this point. Amazing piece of hardware. I can't say enough good things, you know what stop reading this already and just buy one, you will not be disappointed.

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