Leather Saber Holder (full saber)

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At long last, an elegant solution for carrying your saber with the blade installed. For those who don't wish to uninstall/reinstall your blade, or if you have no covertec wheel or D-ring mount, this full saber holder was made for you. Whether you're at a dueling meet, or at a Con/event and need a way to carry your custom saber with the blade in, this is easy, convenient and classy. Made of top quality leather in either black with nickel hardware, or brown with brass hardware.


*Saber not included, nor is the belt, the costume, or the extremely valuable employee wearing it :)


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24th Dec 2016

This is amazing!

For a while me and my group have wanted to have something to carry our sabers while the blade was attached, and these are perfect!

rodwalton@rocketmail.com 16th Nov 2016

exactly what j was looking for

I ordered this the day it was released and knew straight away it was the one thing I had been needing for ages. I never really enjoyed using the covertech belt system.It's fine if you want to clip a hilt to your belt for cosplay but I always found I just want to take it off and put the blade in and that is annoying to keep doing. I find you eventually end up just carrying the saber around or clipping one hilt to your belt and having another saber already set to go in a backpack. This product completely solves my problem and looks pretty bad ass as part of an outfit without the saber in too. I have this set up on my jedi belt so I can easy slip the saber blade into the loops when not wanting to hold it and still have it fully set up. This is a much easier way to carry a saber around a con and I think a must have for duelling events. The design is simple but strong and rugged. It's put together really nicey and finished extremely well like all Vader Vault products. I know it doesn't really fit with the realistic look of a Star Wars based costume but in the real world it is a far more practical way of carrying a saber and have it ready for photos or battling.....or a bit of both .

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