Leather Covertec Clip security cover

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If you have a covertec clip, you know the pain of sitting down and having the saber pop the clip off your belt and watching your beloved hilt tumble in slow motion and cracking on the floor likely resulting in an ugly ding, or chip in your finish. We have a way to now help avoid that catastrophe: a leather covertec clip security cover. You install your covertec clip into this cover and it will keep it more secure than just clipping the covertec to your belt, helping to avoid the nightmare disaster. Comes in black, and a really dark brown. *covertec clip NOT included*


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Michael Johnston 10th Oct 2016

Does what it says on the tin

While I don't yet have my VV saber, I ordered this to arrive earlier. It works as advertised, tested with other sabers I had lying about. I tried to get the covertec clip to come out of this cover, but it held on securely, and it looks great on my belt. Well worth the (really quite low) cost.

Travis 2nd Jul 2016

LOVE it!

I wanted to wait to review mine until I had a belt to put it on. That just arrived, and I can now firmly say I LOVE how this thing looks with the belt. So glad I got one. Secure, and thematically appropriate. Great product. The only thing I could possibly suggest would be to produce them in a couple of different shapes, to accommodate different styles of costume.

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