Imperial Knight

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This is our interpretation of the standard issue Lightsaber given to the Imperial Knights from the popular Dark Horse Legacy comics. We are big fans of Jan Duursema's artwork and wanted to make a saber worthy of representing her vision of the Imperial Knights. The IK saber represents a no frills, no nonsense, militaristic view of the lightsaber. It is sleek, with no protrusions, but elegant and lethal. Our version takes advantage of an inner grip sleeve that is used as the electronics chassis and adds some topography and depth to the design. It is available in many configurations and options. Whether you're building an IK armor kit, or you want a bullet proof dueler. The IK gets the job done. Each VV Imperial Knight saber will come with a blade in the length of your choice and a battery charger appropriate for the options you pick. Please allow 16-24 weeks for build out and delivery.


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Eighteen 1st Nov 2014

Better than the rest

I have seen a lot of the Sabres from a lot of other Saber smiths and this one is heads and tails above the rest. The electronics are well done, neat and easily accessible. The hilt is lightweight and the workmanship is impeccable. Overall a great Saber and I cannot fault it at all. Trust me when I say you'll be the envy of your friends if you buy this saber, I know I am.

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Additional Info

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