Imperial Cog

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You know you've done it, it's ok, we all have. You can't wait to check out your new saber, or show it to a friend and you turn it on without a blade only to immolate your retina with what feels like 1.21 gigawatts of power. After the spots clear and the fear of losing vision passes, you realize that you need to be able to hang the hilt on your belt, or display it on a stand without the possibility of searing optic nerves. Well, bladeplugs for custom sabers aren't a new thing, and were made for this very purpose. We've done some custom runs before but they weren't consistently available, and that has always bothered us. We are pleased to be able to now offer our customers the ability to get this vision saving tool and be able to safely and proudly display their hilt in style. Available in either the "Cog" or "Starbird" motif's and customizeable to different saber profiles, you'll have no excuse to offer friends and family for "flashing" any more!


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Joe Dandurand 8th May 2017

verry nice

Great plug. It fits nice and looks great.

John 12th Mar 2017

Aesthetic and Function

It works a treat looking good when your blade is out and for the most part, prevents other crud from getting in. The imperial cog is good for evil doers.

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