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Cry Havoc! Like the Fury™, our Havoc model of Combat Class sabers sports a super slim design, with just enough gripping surfaces in all the right places. A choke point in the middle of the saber provides a superb spinning experience. Available in a variety of finishes, and in all of our blade colors. Each Havoc™ will come with a single 18650 size Li-Ion cell, external charger, and a standard 32" Dual diffused blade.


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Ken B. 24th May 2018

Quality worth waiting for

An exceptional item with wonderful craftsmanship. I thought long and hard about which saber-smith in the galaxy was worth the credits and Vader's Vault is one of the best in existence. Period. I know that in the heat of combat when I'm fiercely clashing with my opponents, as it gleams from my hip as I casually wander a zone, and even posing with civilians, my lightsaber is awe-inspiring and will impress all who see it up close. Guaranteed.

Seiya Kobayashi 26th Oct 2017

VV is god!

It is the best possible.Sound, how to shine, everything is the best! I played in Japan quickly.

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