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Unleash the Fury™! Our first born in our Combat Class series of sabers, the Fury™ encompasses everything the active saberist needs from a workhorse saber: It's sleek, slim with a outer diameter of only 1.25", it comes in a variety of finishes, and let's not forget: It looks great! All of our Combat Class sabers will come with a standard Dual Diffused blade in 32" which is perfectly balanced for these hilts, a single 18650 Li-Ion rechargeable battery cell, and an external charger. For Con goers and Troopers, don't forget to pick up an extra battery cell for those all day, all weekend events!


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mitch bertsch 18th Dec 2015

worth every penny

I absolutely love the workman ship of this saber. It was worth the wait. I say its worth every penny as a Canadian who payed 30% more for my saber. Insted of $411 it was $600

Max Forni 14th Aug 2015

Great Craftsmanship

Very well built, with a solid weight. Beautiful, I can't wait to fire it up every day

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