Fury LG

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The sleek, streamlined Fury taken and cloaked in a wrap of fine, glove quality lambskin with just the right colored accents on the body. Available in several transparent colors that accent the emitter ring, center rings, and pommel ring and endcap. Weathering can also be chosen on this Combat Class model.


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Steve 1st Aug 2017

first lightsaber best lightsaber

Terrific sound and brilliant colour. It's my first lightsaber, combat or otherwise and I love it. I did a lot of research before choosing VV and they live up to their good rep. My usual sword of choice is made of steel so I was looking for something sturdy to translate historical swordplay onto a facsimile of a glowing blade of plasma. Now I need one for my sparring partner.

Mark Wagner (Jedi ZorkroZ) 19th Feb 2017

Custom Fury LG

This was my first Vader's Vault purchase and I can assure you, it will not be my last. After doing a lot of research and asking questions in the saber forums and Facebook pages etc. I chose Vader's Vault for my first truly custom saber experience. Up till this point I have only owned an original Icons saber, 5 Master Replica sabers and one Ultrasaber. Out of all of those only the Ultrasaber is duel capable. For my Vader's Vault saber, I chose the Fury LG for its real world useable design and for the comfort of the leather grip. While going through the ordering process I discovered that you can have customizations done to your saber by way of custom powder coating and many other nonlisted upgradeable items such as shrouds and greeblies. Well I decided to call them and discuss the powder coat options. I talked with Deanna and she helped me select the colors I wanted and even discussed the option to engrave. I was pleasantly shocked to have gotten someone on the phone the first try as some other saber companies either never answer their phone or only respond via email. Deanna was very friendly and helpful and you could tell she loved what she does and was very knowledgeable to boot! Over the course of the next few months I called a few more times with questions and further upgrades. Every single time I called I got a live person! Deanna and David were always there for me and all my questions. I ended up having them upgrade the lit AV switch to an RGB switch midway through the process. I sent a photo mockup of how I wanted the custom powder coating to look and let me tell you, IT TURNED OUT EXACTLY LIKE MY PHOTO!!! Only difference is that it was 100% better in person! My request wasn't an easy one but they pulled it off flawlessly. It's very clear by their craftsmanship that they are passionate about the Star Wars universe and thus equally as passionate about the quality of their sabers. If you are on the fence about Vader's Vault or where to purchase your next saber, rest easy in knowing the Vader's Vault team will create the perfect saber for you. The wait times may seem long but you won't even remember it once your saber arrives. Quality takes time, so be patient and sit back and wait for your perfect saber to arrive. Thank you Vader's Vault for reigniting the child in me with my Fury LG!

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