Fury Elite™

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The Fury Elite™. The ultimate in elegance for a Combat Class saber. With a mirror polished body, and translucent colored and black powdercoating, this saber is for the guy (or gal:)) who not only wants to totally annihilate their opponent, but do it with such style, they'll be honored to fall under your blade. Each Fury Elite™ starts out as a standard Fury™, but is painstakingly polished to a mirror finish. Then, a perfect coat of beautiful Translucent powdercoating is applied to just the right places on the body and pommel and suddenly the Fury™ is awakened to a higher form of Badassness. Yes, we made that word up. Just for this saber.

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Toni Guinn 19th Dec 2017

Fury Elite is Epic!

For a first-time buyer and "non-nerd", the customer service was exceptional! It made my buying experience fun and exciting. Only the quality of the saber exceeded the customer service. It is sleek and easy to handle. Truly a handsome saber. The RPG package allows the user to choose any color for the blade. The saber is actually a gift and I can hardly wait to see his face on Christmas! Thank you so much VV for making dreams come true! Merry Christmas!

Daniel Liu 24th Aug 2017

Fury Custom Made Design

The Fury Elite is slim and light, it was better then I expected, had to wait a long time but it's worth it, since I had a custom order made changing a few small parts they were so nice and made my request. I now have not only a Fury Elite but a custom design of my own choosing making it one of a kind.

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