Fulcrum Shoto

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After over a year in development, the most faithful recreation to date of these instantly iconic sabers is now available at VV. CNC machined in the US out of billet aluminum, with copper accent pieces, then sandblasted and hard anodized, these sabers have a comfort and finish level like nothing else in the production realm. Outfitted with the finest electronics in the saber industry by Plecter Labs, and nested in a highly engineered internal chassis, these sabers are built to last. The Fulcrum Shoto measures at 9" long, 1" across the 'flats', and 1.5" radius at the top and bottom profiles. These sabers were MADE for your hands. Every detail on this saber is crisp and perfect. The main switch is the copper/black knob near the emitter, and the aux switch is on the bottom profile tucked away. The side pocket has a discreet slot cut around the rounded end which is barely visible to allow the sound to escape without having unnecessary or unsightly holes in the hilt for venting. The soundcard package available in the Shoto is the robust featured, yet economical Crystal Shard (found in all our Combat Class sabers). Each saber will come with a 32" long,  7/8" diameter blade, smart charger, kill key, blade plug, and blade retention wrench.


*These sabers are in our "Limited Editions" category and as such are outside our normal Combat Class build times*


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Max Wilson 29th Apr 2018


The Fulcrum sabers are my first from VV. I'm new to the saber community and my first saber is from SaberForge. The quality is absolutely noticeable at a glance and I'm so glad I got these. I'm happy to be part of this limited one-time only run. I'll be a Vader's Vault customer for life!

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