Flex 2.0

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We are excited to bring you The Return of the Flex!!!

We heard you, we were listening, we just needed time. 

The quality of fit and finish is truly refreshing, and the accuracy mods that already come on this new hilt eliminate the frustrating need to purchase them elsewhere. Things like the molded rubber grips instead of plastic, correct color/material red button, the flat beer tab, better bunny ears, charge port tab, REAL glass eyes. The list goes on.

Our version of course, like before, is a 1" bladed saber. The top main button is the activation, and the side tab is a sliding momentary switch, also a much improved solution for a secondary switch. The body is much like a vintage in that it is the J-lock design, so no threaded body and pommel insert like on the previous version. This meant that we had to move away from our Combat Class style chassis and into a set up more akin to our Hero and VDR product. A robust, and solid slug of machined Delrin make up the internal chassis of this Standard model (crystal reveal chassis is coming later on) allowing ease of access to the battery, and the SD card. It also adds a comforting heft to the saber adding to that nostalgic realism.

For the first time on the Flex, we will also be offering a version specific HD quality soundfont from JuanSith! 


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