Enhanced Day Blade

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While our never ending experimentation to get other Photon blade colors has had some set backs, it has also given us other cool products to offer you. What makes these 'Enhanced Day Blades' different than our normal Day Blades? Well, while they don't give the 'wow' factor and hug brightness increase that our Photon green blade does, these new blades to carry some interesting characteristics that will 'enhance' your experience either trooping or at a Con/event. First, they do offer a slight brightness increase when used with their resepective colors. They also do not suffer from over head lighting glare. These blades do not diminish their color or brightness under fluorescent lighting which makes them EXCELLENT for Con goers and the like. They give the fullness of a trans white blade but no loss in brightness like with a transwhite and no loss of saturation of color unlike transwhite blades. Since blue is still the color of light that activates the dye in these blades, any color that has blue in it will create interesting coring effects with these blades. SWTOR style multi color blades are now possible, and they look cool. Currently available in Red, Blue, and Amber/Gold.


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Cameron Feucht 4th Jul 2018

Enhanced Day blade (blue)

The brightest, most evenly lit blade you can get in my opinion. Won’t be disappointed.

14th May 2018

Just speechless

This blade goes with my saber perfectly. Basically all of my colors are a shade of blue, green, or purple. Except for my red, orange and my 2 different whites but this blade reacts with all of them and makes near perfect color blends! This might be the only blade I bring with me to cons. Simply stunning. Awesome job vaders vault!!

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