Dark Wrath™

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Our most ambitious Combat Class saber to date: The Wrath™ Forgoing smooth lines and contours, and pouring gallons of malice and anger into 11.875" of unadulterated violence. This saber is not for the weak of heart, will, and conviction. It is deadly, it is badass, and it will expect that of it's wielder. This is the Dark version, and if you think the standard version was evil incarnate, the Dark version will give you nightmares. Painstakingly coated in a beautiful black hard anodizing in all the right places that give it contrast, the right features stand out and are noticed right away.


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John Kue 15th Jun 2018

A masterpiece in the palm of your hand!!!

When I pulled this hilt out of the box I was immediately blown away at just how awesome it is. A fine piece of art and a great hilt for any collector or Star Wars fan out there.

12th Sep 2017

Magnificent work of art

This is an epitome of a high quality, attention driven manufacture of a light saber. The external polish is exquisite, with the acid etch of my initial I requested which turned out to be clean and makes me feel proud. The grooves and turrets all align which says a lot about attention to detail. Internally, the electronics fits ergonomically into the small compartment measured for it. Feels really solid in the grip, crystal focus is loud and precise to the motion. Best saber in my lot!

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