Dark Wrath: Nightmare

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Our most ambitious Combat Class saber to date: The Wrath™ Forgoing smooth lines and contours, and pouring gallons of malice and anger into 11.875" of unadulterated violence. This saber is not for the weak of heart, will, and conviction. It is deadly, it is badass, and it will expect that of it's wielder. This is the Nightmare version, and if you think the standard version was evil incarnate, the Nightmare version will live up to its name. Painstakingly coated in a dark cloak of rich black anodizing, the elegance and foreboding nature of this hilt really come to life.


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Richie 12th Mar 2018

Wrath Nightmare is a perfect fit for Rai'an

As an Official Member of The Dark Empire I was looking to upgrade my lightsaber. I had looked through what seemed like hundreds when I can across the Wrath Nightmare. It was exactly what I was looking for as far as look and sound. I've got quite a few compliments on the pics that I have shared of it already. I'm sure when I take it with me to events it will get even more. The weight and feel is very comfortable to me. I would recommend this lightsaber to any other Sith out there.

Hui Shen 4th Mar 2018

Wrath Nightmare is the beast

This lightsaber is amazing, the wrath sound front is the best! The pummel has spikes that's hard to handle with two hands since a proper sword gripping of a two handed swing one must grip the very bottom of the handle of the sword. However I don't have to worry about that because I bought two of them and make them into a saber staff.

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