Dark Wrath: Nightmare

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Our most ambitious Combat Class saber to date: The Wrath™ Forgoing smooth lines and contours, and pouring gallons of malice and anger into 11.875" of unadulterated violence. This saber is not for the weak of heart, will, and conviction. It is deadly, it is badass, and it will expect that of it's wielder. This is the Nightmare version, and if you think the standard version was evil incarnate, the Nightmare version will live up to its name. Painstakingly coated in a dark cloak of rich black anodizing, the elegance and foreboding nature of this hilt really come to life.


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David Gullett 18th Jun 2018

Wrath Nightmare: If looks could kill

I bought my Wrath Nightmare with the plectorpixel upgrade, a black leather wrap, non lit black activation switch, and the RICE upgrade. This hilt is beautiful to look at and looks better in person than in the pictures. It is very light weight for the size. It has a very aggressive feel to it and would be better for powerful attacks rather than finesse and spinning (the points on the pommel aren’t sharp but can get in the way while spinning). The Wrath sound font is a great dark side font. I purchased 5 other fonts and VV installed them to specific banks for me for no additional charge. This saber is a real head turner and I look forward to wielding it at conventions. I highly recommend this saber.

David Hanna 12th Jun 2018

Wrath Nightmare

Very cool saber! The sound is outstanding, and I love the way the LEDs have that shimmering flash during normal operation that other sabers don't have... it's nearly undetectable, but it adds so much to it. The accelerometers and contact flash are superior (definitely) to my other sabers. The leather wrap option is definitely the way to go. The only room for improvement, IMHO, would be to add a plug-in recharge option instead of just a battery charge option (something to consider for future designs). Other than that one item, my favourite saber so far!

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