Dark Ravager™

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A new Limited Edition Combat Class saber: The Ravager™

Sleek, highly detailed, with a forward grip bar at the emitter for an extreme dueling hold. A scalloped contour rear grip fits the rear hand perfectly and is capped with a beautifully detailed pommel with lots of venting to let out the roar of the exclusive Ravager font by Saber Baron. A velvet skin of flat black powder is applied to all the right places to make the details stand out with authority and class. Whether you lean towards the darkness, or just want something that looks like it means real business, the Dark Ravager is the model for you.


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Robert S. 11th Mar 2018

The beat saber I've ever owned!

I ordered this saber during Hurricane Irma, literally when it was passing over South Florida. I was watching YouTube on my phone and VV had just uploaded video of the Ravager and the moment he ignited that saber, I said to myself, I gotta get that! I've never heard a font that loud before, but it's not the font, it's the saber because I have a Mitsurugi 3k and the Ravager is just louder and the swing sensitivity from CS4 is just unreal. I do installs myself, and I cannot get my sabers to be as loud as or sound as good as VV and I'm using bigger speakers, I don't know how you guys do it, VV is truly the best at what they do. The craftsmanship is top of the line, I'm so satisfied with this purchase. Thank you Vader's Vault!

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