Dark Havoc™

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Everyone has a Darkside, that doesn't necessarily mean it has to be "bad".....does it? Nah, everyone looks good wearing black, and sabers are no exception. Our Havoc™ saber with just the right amount of darkness in all the right places. If it makes the 'goodie goodies' feel better, think of it as "tactical" and reducing glare......yeah. You can choose either the standard Dark pattern or the Reverse Dark.


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Bobby 12th Mar 2018

Reverse Dark Havoc

Amazing. The best saber I’ve gotten.

Terrance Saeturn 3rd Oct 2017

best light saber I've ever owned!

To start off, it took about 6 months to recieve...but man is it completely worth it! During the wait, I had bought a couple sabers from other companies just to fill the void such as saberforge(hero tier 500$) and an US basic sound one(200$). And compared from those two and this bad boy, the difference is insane. It's motion sensor is perfect, sound is very much louder and crisper, and it's mobility and movement while swinging just feels right on the money. I spent 500$ on this, it completely out ranks the other two by several leagues. I can't ever come home without an urge to pick it up and admire such a perfect saber.

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