Dark Acolyte™

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Not that a saber already belonging to an unchained warrior of the Sith Empire needs to be any darker, but everything looks better in black right? Our Acolyte saber with black in all the right places to give it contrast and a more 'tactical' feel. 12.75" long for a true two handed grip, controls up high and out of the way, and included D-Ring for belt hanging.


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t.h.vogt@web.de 25th Apr 2017

a dream comes true

Holy Shit. 25-year-old from Germany here. I just fetched my Dark Acolyte from the mail-station and got more hyped with every step towards my home. The temptation to unbox it straightaway was really high, but the feeling when it finally dropped out of the package was SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS :-) Now I own one of the finest weapons of Science Fiction and it is definitely worth the price!

Joe Dandurand 25th Apr 2017

Fantastic Craftsmanship

This saber is absolutely awesome. The construction is just phenomenal. No ruff or hard edges. Everything is fitted perfectly, no lose or off center pieces. I got the Suncrusher wit RGB and It is plenty bright through all the colors. The flicker while the saber is stationary gives it a great realistic feel. The sound is awesome, this thing is loud! This saber was well worth the wait. This is my first saber and it wont be the last. Vader's Vault is the best!!!

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