D-Ring Belt Clip

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Steel belt clip for D-Ring equipped sabers.


If you order this by itself, shipping will be expensive. Please contact us first before ordering if all you need is the clip.


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Juistin 30th Jul 2017

Fantastic for open carry.

I've never had a saber slip, or come off unintentionally. It's easy to move along your belt or the waist of your pants when switching from sitting to standing. And removing the saber from the clip can be done in a single effortless motion. I bought three and simply leave them attached to each of my belts so I'm always ready open carry at a moments notice.

18th Apr 2017


Worked very well in hooking my Vader hilt to my belt, and the clip has had no issues ever since I purchased it. If you have a saber hilt with a D-ring clip, this is your go-to clip to attach to your belt. Very well constructed, and quality is top notch. Used this on my belt for my Vader cosplay, and works beautifully. Thanks so much!

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