Combat Class Coupler

Havoc ONLY Pommel Mounted Covertec
Coupler hilt alignment (ONLY for when ordering two hilts simultaneously) *
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You've asked for it, and we've heard you. The Combat Class Coupler is the perfect piece for joining two Combat Class sabers together into a saber staff. properly vented for letting out that awesome Plecter quality sound, this is definitely a great accessory to have for anyone that has two or more of our Combat Class hilts. The options drop down for covertec alignment and hilt alignment is ONLY for ordering at the same time as two hilts. We have no way of making sure that your hilts will align the way you want unless we're building them at the same time.


**Does not work with the Wrath saber, we're working on one for that....**


Reviews (6)

Koecher Vue 18th Jul 2017

Great Fit

Fits great on the battle wrap havoc. Turn 2 sabers into staff!

Daniel 31st Mar 2017

Must buy for 2 hilts!

Bought one for my two Havocs and it makes a great staff. If you buy 2 hilts at once - this is definitely a must!

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