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Get ready to rumble with the new Vader's Vault Brawler saber. Starting at only $299 including our Suncrusher LED and all the features that accompany it powered by the unbeatable Crystal Shard soundboard. The saber comes in at just under 12.5 inches long with two symmetrical gripping surfaces and a higher switch placement for better control. A large emitter bell reminiscent of classic designs is balanced by a heavy pommel for perfect handling characteristics for two handed wielding and light enough for one handed use as well. Larger pommel vents allows the explosive and deep bass tones of the new Brawler soundfont to permeate your duel.


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28th Mar 2018

My new favorite saber

Nothing but good things to say about the Brawler. Definitely a utilitarian design that “disappears in your hand” without sacrificing interesting and reminiscent architecture. Opting for the 3 accent LEDs adds a recessed area 90-degrees from the activation, which gives just enough bling without looking gaudy or out-of-place. Roughly 2-inch blade socket with retention screw tapped into thickest OD portion of emitter for “full-tilt” heavy dueling without the set screw emerging from the hilt. The heavier pommel makes both spinning and dueling feel natural with a 36” thin blade (I’m tall), and brutally fast with a 32” thin. The unique sound font is outstanding on the 22mm bass speaker and is outrageously loud on volume 4. CS 4.0 provide excellent accuracy and features worth upgrading to if you have an older model—pitch shift is life-changing. Also consider upgrading to a wrap, it really brings out the beauty of this design.

scotty 4th Jan 2018


This product is a master piece , excellent for two hands or one hand, sound fonts are excellent, The design is a very stable , imposing , strong yet beautiful :) truly worth the wait :)

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