Brawler Elite

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Get ready to rumble with the new Vader's Vault Shadow Brawler saber. A blinding mirror polish, flat black powdercoating and a transparent accent color of your choice add class and opulence to this awesome dueler. Choose from a variety of colors for the accent areas: Pommel groove, middle ring, emitter grooves and tip. All the Vader's Vault quality including our Suncrusher LED and all the features that accompany it powered by the unbeatable Crystal Shard soundboard. The saber comes in at just under 12.5 inches long with two symmetrical gripping surfaces and a higher switch placement for better control. A large emitter bell reminiscent of classic designs is balanced by a heavy pommel for perfect handling characteristics for two handed wielding and light enough for one handed use as well. Larger pommel vents allows the explosive and deep bass tones of the new Brawler soundfont to permeate your duel.


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Michael Fischetti 31st May 2018


I purchased one of these during the May the 4th RTS this year, this is one of my favorite sabers, it's great for two handed use and even better as a staff. The sound is so much louder than any of the other brand sabers that I own. If you can grab one of these, you should absolutely do so.

Jay Dobry 25th Apr 2018

Sleek design for two-handed domination

I know the name "Brawler" suggests a down-and-dirty, no-frills hilt, but I went in the other direction. Bought a Brawler Elite with black chrome powdercoat and black leather. I love the samurai concept, but hilts like the Mitsurgi 3k and Legionnaire are a little too much Planet Earth and not enough Star Wars. I built this Brawler to me "my" version of a lightsaber that would be wielded in a similar two-handed fashion. As samurai took care of their weapons, I wanted my Brawler to be the most beautiful piece in my collection of four (and counting) VV hilts. This hilt exceeded by expectations. It's the biggest and heaviest of my hilts at just under 12" long, but it has the usual slim profile and the lather makes it an absolute dream. DEFINITELY get the leather - you won't be sorry.

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