Blade Dust Caps

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Nothing is more infuriating than putting a blade in a saber, lighting it up only to discover there is a spec of dust the size of an asteroid inside your blade. Don't let yourself be a victim of this problem by travelling and storing your blades without protection. These tight fitting vinyl dust caps keep out the most persistent, pesky particles so you can keep your blades clean from debris for years to come.


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John 12th Mar 2017

Dust Caps.... Simple & Effective

I purchase some dust caps that I apparently didn't need, as all the blades I bought came with. But they are cheap and I guess backups in case the other ones decide to disintegrate.

23rd Dec 2016

Fantastic Bulwark Against Dust

If you have issues with dust getting in your blades or worry about the film from slipping out of your golf bag filled with blades, look no further. With the excellent no slip rubber technology you'll never have to worry about dust bunnies again.

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