Battle-Wrap Havoc™

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Since before recorded history, weapons of war have been wrapped in leather for added grip, control, and comfort. Why should a saber not get the same treatment? Introducing our latest variant of the Combat Class Havoc: The Battle-Wrap Edition Havoc! Taking one of our very popular Havocs, we did some lathe work to remove a good amount of aluminum from the lower half of the hilt to make room for a nice, tight, spiral wrap of lambskin that goes from pommel to almost the switch, giving a large surface area of awesome leathery grip. Great for the duelist, or anyone wanting a rugged looking weapon, the Battle-Wrap Havoc is sure to become an oft picked up saber in your collection.


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Shigeki 22nd Jan 2017

7 months' waiting Brought Me A Special Saber!!!

I had waited for 7 months and finally, it got to Japan! I ordered bomber brown leather and it fits the hilt very well. It is a special saber for me! Great quality is amazing! And, also I really appreciated their kind and quick response. Thanks to VV, my son and I have had great days with my son!

Zach Hallmark 12th Dec 2016

Best there is!

Wow. This saber is so lightweight but so tough, and the quality is amazing. It is exactly what I was wanting, and it looks great! The sound is extremely loud and movements are very responsive. I am extremely impressed! Now, the wait is very long. I waited 7 months, but it is definitely worth it if you want the best!

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