Ardent Elite™

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The Ardent Elite™, a fresh take and Vader's Vault spin on traditional design themes. Our first true "Thin Neck" Combat Class saber, we took extra care that while giving the look, balance and feel of the thin neck, we didn't sacrifice the duel worthy durability of the Combat Class. Meant for the active saberist, this saber is balanced and comfortable, melding with the wielder's hand like it was meant for them since birth. Offered with your choice of emitter crown and neck accent colors, as well as black powdercoated accents on the body sections and pommel. The emitter is packed with detail, from the elegant rounded rings at the crown, to the 4 sets of light emitting 'gill slits' in the center. The engraved detail around the switch area offers an asymmetrical catch for the eye. Just enough to give the area some contrast. The middle v-grooved grip provides a non-slip surface in a traditional fashion. The rear, vertically milled 'booster' section offers an off-set to the v-grooved grip. The pommel stands out as a very familiar power cell design with raised cubes, but in a non obtrusive, unique placement, complete with wide sound vents for great volume and resonance control. This entire saber screams elegance, and power. Get yours today!


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Sunny 22nd Jun 2018

Ardent Elite (Plecterpixel rgb)

Hi guys Sunny from U.K here. Have to say I did all the research and settled with Vaders Vault. Chose Ardent Elite with plecterpixel (I would highly recommend) if money no issue. Just so happy with the sound/lighting and design. Received yesterday ... and can't stop smiling. Already looking for the next one lol.

Dravean 3rd May 2018

No Comparison.

Like others are saying here. After doing the research I purchased my saber from Vader's Vault. THIS SABER WAS 100% WORTH THE WAIT! It oozes quality and craftsmanship. The Ardent is gorgeous and LOUD. I did make this an RBG saber which I am very glad I did. The on the fly color shifts are SO cool and easy. Thank you Vader's Vault!!!!

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