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In collaboration with Mynock's Den, we present the Acolyte, based on the saber of the Sith Acolyte character from the Star Wars The Old Republic trailers released by Blur Studios in 2011. Taras from Mynock's Den released an absolutely stunning armor set based on the Sith Acolyte character and lamented the lack of accurate, quality saber replicas to go with it. We agreed and decided to fill that gap. We began the arduous task of toiling over screen grabs and concept art, scaling it out and engineering what we believe is the most accurate rendition of that saber to date. All the subtle details from the on screen saber are captured here in a slim, comfortable, two handed hilt in our affordable Combat Class line. We. Have. Returned!


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Kenny 2nd Oct 2017

Awesome saber

Unbelievable. Saving up for my next one already!

Erick 21st Sep 2017

The Force Is Strong With Vader's Vault!

This is my first saber and to have something crafted so meticulously was a real surprise! Their love for this craft really shows in their work! I will definitely be continuing to build my collection of sabers through Vader's Vault, they are simply the BEST!!

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