7/8 Inch Photon Blade

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You've asked for it, we listened, and it is finally here! The Photon Blade now in the 7/8" size!


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Dave 28th Jun 2018

7/8" Photon Blade

I ordered a hilt with blue LED specifically to use the Photon Blade to get a cool glowing green. This blade is awesome and the thinner 7/8" not only fits my Kyojin hilt, but looks more like the blades in the films. There is a distinct "coring effect", a lighter interior glow and a darker green edge. The blue LED makes this blade glow like neon green and is absolutely brighter and more beautiful than a standard polycarbonate blade...as long as you like green.

Nicola 15th Feb 2018

7/8 inch photon blade

Amazing! Ultra bright blade. I'm very happy with it!

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